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“Very impressed with his communication. Excellent to follow - interested in many types of programming, liked his verbal style & sense of humor, seemed a wonderful fit to our style.”

“Patrick was very attentive to all sections and offered specific feedback to each section on multiple occasions. I appreciate his attention to detail in addressing bowings, intonation, & breaking sections down to practice during rehearsal. An enjoyable evening.”
Comments from recent guest conducting 2017

"[Valentino was] clear and easy to follow, not overburdened with excessive gestures or fussiness. His strong and fresh interpretations owed little to tradition... The orchestra seemingly followed the conductor’s vision impeccably. This decidedly un-Romantic, very clean, un-embroidered modern performance earned a roaring standing ovation."

                                        Boston Musical Intelligencer Review of
                                                 Brookline Symphony concert October 2016
                                                 Elisa Birdseye

"Conductor Patrick Valentino was in command of it all, leading with both bold and delicate gestures to make a strong case for the work."

Valentino wove the whistles, wails, and tinkling piano lines into a shimmering tapestry. The musicians answered his gestures with playing of utmost conviction."
                                        Boston Classical Review of BNMI concert April 2015
                                                 Aaron Keebaugh

"A stirring rendition."
review of William Tell Overture (NVPO concert, Feb. 2011)

"Maestro Valentino conducted with surety and control, achieving wonderful results from the orchestra, which gave an exciting performance under his guidance."

                                                    review of NVPO concert, February 2011
                                                     Peter Freisinger

"[Valentino's composition] was the most original music of the day, and the audiences rousing applause acknowledged that."
                                                        Atlantic Herald, review of Protean Dances, May 2007
                                                        Helene Kylen

"A composer and conductor who believes that music creates community."

"Valentino combines a flair for musical drama and a gift for colorful orchestration to create pieces full of surprises."
                                                        HippoPress, review of Of Seas and Self, May 2005

"[Valentino] overcame the obstacle of writing for a single line through drama and imagina[tion]."
                                             Classical New Jersey Society, review of Sonata583; April 2005
                                             Dr. Steven Romano Mento

"Bach, Beethoven, Valentino. You probably don't recognize that last composer, yet, but chances are you will someday."
                                              Montclair Univeristy Alumni Magazine, November 2004

"Mr. Valentino's work reveals much more than what people usually call talent."
                                              Dr. Michael Kogan, chair, Philosophy & Religion Department
                                              Montclair University, Fall 2004

"[Valentino posesses such a combination of necessary qualities for a composer, as a gift to create, hard work, and a constant will to improve..."
                                              Irina Anatolyenva Dubkova, composer and faculty
                                              Moscow Conservatory, Spring 2004

"Patrick Valentino is on the fast track to a serious career in music."
                                              Asbury Park Press, 20 March 2003

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