Music for Large Ensembles

Full Orchestra:

'Requiem' Symphony 3 (V13)
orchestra & choir

'Scenes from American History'
Symphony4 (V19)

Easter Symphony (Symphony 5) (V35)
soloists, choir, orchestra

Symphonic Variations: Amazing Grace (V39)
8'30" 2-2(eh)-2-2-sax, 4-2-2-1, tp, prc, hndbls, str

Fantasy on Irish Themes (V46)

Autumn Trees (suite)  (V48)
19'  2+1pic-2(eh)-2-2, 4-2-3-1, tp, perc, str

Concerto for Orchestra (V50)

Revelation (V60)

Protean Dances (V111)
20' 2+1pc-2+1eh-2+1bc-2, 4-3-3-1, tp+3prc, hp, str

ImpulsEscape (V125)
2+1pc-2+1eh-2+1bc-2, 4-3-3-1, tp+3prc, str
Chamber Orchestra:

Serenade (V15)
8'  2-2-2-2, 2-0-0-0, tp, hp, str

  Visions - Concerto for Vibraphone (V74)
20'  1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-0, hp, perc, str, solo vibes

  Moscow Symphony #7 1/2 (V76)
20'  2(1)-1(1)-2(1)-0, 3-2-1-0, pno, hp, 2perc, str

Of Seas and Self (V113)
12' 1-1-1-1, 1-0-0-0, str, soprano

Band / Wind Ensemble:

The Tempest (V34)
8'   opt tuba solo, band (Grade V)

Avalon (V57)
8'   band (Grade IV)

Symphonic Dances (V59)
tuba solo, wind ensemble (Grade IV)

Journey of the Phoenix (V70)
16'  band (Grade VI)

Chimerical Diversions (V72)
6'    wind ensemble (Grade IV)

Silent Service (V105)
6' wind ensemble (Grade VI)

Variations on a Familiar Theme (V115)
4'30"  band (Grade III)

String Orchestra (+):

Prayer #1: Gratitude (V33)
4'30"  solo violin, div string orchestra

Prayer #2: Elegy (V36)
5'15" solo voilin, div string orchestra

Prayer #3: A Finite Eternity (V47)
6'   tenor (actor), string orchestra

Fantasy, Air and Dance (V102)
7' harp, flute, violin, string orchestra

Elegy for Susan (V106)
8'  str orch (6:6:6:6:2), c trumpet solo

I Venti (V127)
15' str orch, optional live electronics, violin solo and / or marimba solo
Large Mixed Ensembles:

Music for a Decent Number of Winds (V23)
8'30" fl/pic, ob/eh, 2clar, 2horn, 2bassoon

Threnody (V25)
8' soprano, fl, ssax, 2va, cel, bass, pno, hp, perc

Sonate et Scherzo (V27)
22'   solo fl, alto fl, & pic; 2clar, str qt, harp

Suite for Forgotten Instruments (V29)
16'  altofl/pic, sop clar, sop sax, eh, bclar, cnt.bsn, va, euph, btrom, tuba, hp, celeste, perc

Symphony 7 (V52)
18' percussion ensemble

Canticle for Amphion (V65)
Harry Partch ensemble with voice

Praeludium (V73)
6' large brass choir

Awakening Soul (V82)
(varies) choir(s), chamber ensemble, perc

Danzar con Duende (V89)
mixed ensemble

Muses (V90)
8'   mezzo soprano,  fl/afl, ob/eh, clar, violin, viola, cello, guitar, perc

Tybalt's Diary (V91)
mixed ensemble

36 One-Minute Tragedies (V93)
mixed ensemble

Murderers & Martyrs (V95)
mixed ensemble

The Last Light Spoken (V96)
mixed ensemble

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