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People & Premieres

with the Ariel String Quartet after their premiere of Ephemeral Echoes, May 06 (Boston - NEC)

taking a bow after the premiere of Of Seas and Self with the Nashua Symphony, March 07 (NH)

with Music Director Roy Gussman and his wife and violinist Katherine, after guest-conducting the Monmouth Symphony in the premiere of Protean Dances. May 07 (NJ)

backstage at the Brevard Music Center
with solo percussionist Andrew Sickmeier
after conducting the premiere of Visions for Vibraphone and Chamber Orchestra on the moonlight concert. August 07 (NC)

with renowned Russian trumpet pedagogue Anatoly Dmitrivich Selianin, December 04 (New Jersey - MSU)

with my conducting teacher Leonid Nikolaev (to my left),  his assistant Yuri and pianists Anatoly and Andrei (l-r), June 04 (Moscow Consv.)

with composer Willem Dragstra at the BMV premiere of Spezzai Stromenti, when I was production manager. I believe that's homemade apple cider he's drinking. Yum. April 06 (Boston - BU)

Fred Mills visited Moscow Conservatory for a masterclass and I ran into him randomly in the halls, and helped with some translation. Pictured also are Leonid Chumov, director of the brass faculty and and Andrei Ikov, trumpet with Russian National Orch. March 05 (Moscow Consv.)

I lived for a year at an address in Boston which was synonymous with impromptu concerts and cultural soirees. In Spring 07, The Pierre Hurel Trio recorded a CD there, and I was snapping photos (MA)

with tenor Sean Mulcahy after my Senior Composition Concert at Montclair University, March 05 (NJ)

With the other participants of the Norwalk Symphony's Beyond the Baton Seminar, May 08. (CT)

With the other participants of the Internationale Sommerakademie in Admont, Austria, July 08.

Backstage at a concert in Veitsch, Austria.
August 08

Working with John Farrer at the Bakersfield Symphony Conductors Institute, May 09. (CA)

With Robert Aldridge and all the composers at the Brevard Music Center, Summer 09. (NC)

With Ken Kiesler and other conductors at the Waterville Valley Conductors Institute, Aug 09. (NH)

Premiere of An American Fanfare at the opening of the Cali School of Music
January 2010

With the participants and faculty of the Ithaca Masterclass with Gustav Meier.
April 2010

Most of the conductors of the International Institute for Conductors in Bacau, Romania,  after the second week.
June 2010

Seated at the piano in Enescu's House.
June 2010

With other participants, and faculty Dr. Robert Gutter, at the IIC in Bacau, Romania.
June 2010

Intermission with Maestro Olvidiu Balan and Robert Gutter, in Bacau.
June 2010

All participants, soloists, and faculty from the IIC in Bacau.
June 2010

With the participants of the International Academy of Advanced Conducting in St. Petersburg and faculty Leonid Korchmar and Oleg Proskurnya.
August 2010

Conducting members of the Norwalk Symphony, Summer 2011

Conducting members of the Norwalk Symphony, Summer 2011

Conducting members of the Norwalk Symphony, Summer 2011

Conducting members of the Norwalk Symphony, Summer 2011

With Johannes Schlaefli, Chris Kim, and the other conductors, Cornell International Masterclass, Fall 2011

With soloist Michael Davidman after a preformance of Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto No. 2, Winter 2013

The wonderful orchestra for the Britten Centennial Celebration, April 2013

Participants of 2013 Ithaca International Conducting Masterclass with David Effron, April 2013

The sagacious gaze of Maestro Helmuth Rilling, at the OBF

Rilling takes a bow, with a look possible only after 44 years of leading the festival he himself founded.

With all the conductors, auditors, and faculty from OBF 2013

Leading a workshop performance of Until the War is Over, University of Maine 2016

In October 2016 I became music director of the Bay Colony Brass, one of the only large brass choirs in the area.

Leading the BCB at Hancock UCC in historic Lexington MA

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