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This gallery contains a selected portfolio of my non-music related photographs. They are grouped:

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(some files are scans of older film photos)

My Style
I do not edit any of my images beyond cropping. I capture angles, light, proportions, and motion as I see it.
I look for beauty, irony, the unnoticed, the profound and the absurd and try to capture or magnify it.
And in that sense, I suppose my photographic approach mirrors my music making.

Black & White Portfolio

Baltimore, MD

Budapest, Hungary

Boston, MA

Copley Sq. Park • Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Pavlovsk, Russia

My metro station in Moscow

Boston, MA

Boston MA

Appleton, WI

Krimsky Most, Moscow

Nevsky Prospekt at Dawn, St. Petersburg


On a train from Pushkin, Russia

Octopus Tree, Tanglewood

Pavlovsk, Russia
inspired the poem The Painter

Montclair University

Montclair, NJ

South Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Hazlet, NJ

Inis Mor, Ireland

Budapest, Hungary

Rock of Cashel
Co. Cashel, Ireland

West Roxbury, MA

Boston, MA

Penn Station
Newark, NJ

Girona, Spain

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  Color Portfolio & Travel

South Boston, MA

Cathedral of Christ on Spilled Blood
St. Petersburg, Russia


Mass Ave. Bridge, Boston

Prague, Czech Republic

Brooklyn Bridge

Downtown Boston

Inis Mor, Aran Islands

Boston, MA

Stokes National Forest, NJ

St. Petersburg

San Fransisco, CA

Orekhovo, Russia (Moscow)





Boston, MA - 3 January 2007

Liberation Monument - Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Co. Cashel, Ireland

Connemara, Ireland

Montclair, NJ



Stift Admont, Austria

Brahms 4

Waterville Valley NH

St. Petersburg, Russia
The eeire lighting effect comes from smoke blown
over from the fires in Moscow days before

Bratislava, Slovakia 2010

Near Sacre Coeur, Paris

The sunset over Dusseldorf
My next port of call after escaping the smoke in Petersburg

Church in Girona, Spain, at evening

Budapest 2010

The Louvre

St. Petersburg 2010

Sacre Coeur, Paris

Versailles Palace

St. Petersburg 2010

Tiburon, CA

Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Near one of the 'smaller' redwoods

East Providence

Evening on Cape Cod, Summer 2011

Quintessential New England
Provincetown, Summer 2011

Inside the Pilgrim Monument
Summer 2011

"STILL #2"
Cape Cod, Summer 2011

(Hovhaness would be proud)

The organ at Almudena National Cathedral,
Madrid 2010

Flying over the Swiss Alps, July 2010

The 13th century Astronomical Clock in Prague

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, London 2010

Parliament, Budapest 2010

Three bridges: The Elisabeth Bridge and Chain Bridge of Budapest, and the Charles Bridge in Prague

Cadaques, Spain 2010

Two views of the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Graz, Austria 2010

Notre Dame de Paris

Church in Prague, Czech Republic

A view of Paris from the Montparnasse Tower

St. Issac Cathedral
St. Petersburg 2010

St. Vitus Cathedral

Grand Canal, Venice

The warm hues of this sunset glow despite it being captured in Alaska, at around midnight, in 40˚F temperatures.

Sculpture in a shop,

View of the countryside,

Sunset at Cape Cod
Summer 2011

Chicago, January 2013

Canoeing at Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska
May 2013

Chicago at Night
January 2013

Glacier Bay, Alaska 2013

The Beach in Swampscott, MA
October 2013

Eugene, OR 2013

The iconic sign for the Portland Theatre in Oregon, where OBF performed the St. John Passion

Just For Fun

This sign was too absurd to pass up.
So my brother and I staged a photo op.

Driving in the heart of Moscow is hard.
Sometimes a horn just isn't enough.

Walking in downtown Baltimore-
you can't script this stuff.

Yes I have a penguin named Schubert.
He has assisted in many inpromptu concerts
and has been there for the birth of many compositions - his talent is holding down
wayward pages.

Boston, or San Fransisco?

You've got to hand it to the Irish: for a country that relies so much on foreign tourism, they don't make it easy.

In San Francisco, there is a working museum of antique mechanical games and novelties - in which I found this doozy....It contains a piano, organ pipes, a violin, and all smattering of percussion. Drop a quarter in and it will treat you to an automated rendition of all the hits of its bygone era. Consider it ProTools' grandfather.

If you see a giant, baby blue metal seabird towering over you, you might be in Eugene, OR

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