Patrick Valentino, composer

Patrick Valentino, composer

Patrick Valentino was born into a musical family, and was writing his first compositions by age nine. He took up trumpet and piano in his youth and educated himself by reading theory and orchestration treatises, as well as practical experimentation. While still in his teens he studied with Dr. Robert Abramson of the Juilliard school, and learned to play every orchestral instrument with at least an elementary proficiency, to aid in his composing work.

In his pre-college years Patrick devoured orchestral scores and textbooks, and wrote copiously; by the time he entered Montclair University he had already penned an expansive body of work which included symphonies, concerti, chamber music, solo works and musical theatre work.

Patrick's compositional output flourished while at Montclair, producing much chamber music and leading to commissions from the leading university musical ensembles. It was at Montclair where Patrick also took up serious study of conducting, which would help him produce 3 annual concerts to premiere his music. Patrick's composition teachers at MSU included Robert Aldridge, the late Dean Drummond, and Patrick Burns. Their varied teaching approaches and areas of expertise gave Patrick a solid tuition in orchestral, band, chamber, and educational music, as well as a growing interest in tuning systems and cross-discipline theatrical works.

Patrick attended New England Conservatory for his masters degree in composition, studying with Malcolm Peyton and developed a love of vocal and choral music. These mediums easily lent themselves to his development of multi-discipline musical works which reflect the oldest roles music played in society and unite art forms often kept separate.

Patrick's current projects include new operas, which modify the medium's traditional identity by presenting a more visceral theatrical work which also allows for more flexible productions, and a string of chamber works involving dance, acting, lighting, electronics, and audience interaction.

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