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2022-2023 Season

After having made the move to the Bluegrass State, exploring opportunities for organ recitals, conducting, chamber music, silent film improvs, and educational outreach - met a lot of wonderful musicians already!

New Composing Projects_______________

As I continue with other composing projects, I have to announce a huge project which I was just inspired to undertake - a life's work, if I'm lucky. The thought entered my head last season that I should set the Bible to music. All of it. Like I said, life's work if I'm lucky. A project of this magnitude is both inspiring and humbling, and while I'm still in the research stage, I will be sure to keep you notified of any developments.

Update: March 2023 - I wasn't sure I would know all the chant settings in the Liber Usualis until I had gone through them all, singing and cataloging their sources from the Vulgate - a task recently completed. The settings of the Psalms and other excerpts which coincide with these references will not out of necessity use the chant melodies (although some will incorporate them in some ways) but it's helpful to know which texts were set in which ways, and which are set in more than one melody/mode. I also recently engraved Psalm 5 and 4.

Update: December 2022 -
'what did you do during the shutdown?'...we'd all like to say we were hyper productive, and in a sense I was - a lot of the structures have been laid down, and in 2023 a daily diet of composition commences.

Update: March 2021 -
Things have been quite busy with the birth of our 2nd child, but amid all the craziness I have been turning out new psalms - decided there was no reason to do them in order, so am jumping around. I hope to have them completed within a year or two.

Update: July 2020 - After a long hiatus, I find myself brought back to the Bible Project, picking up where I left off. I initially feared the pause, as I felt I needed to keep to a schedule, but I am grateful for what I have learned in the interim, and feel more equipped to continue the journey now.

Update: April 2020 - Many months of planning and distraction have taken time from actively writing the Bible project, but have added to the massive preparations and planning of its span. The first performance of Psalm 1, planned for this spring in NYC, will hopefully take place in the fall, and I plan to start some media coverage of the process as it progresses.

 Update: March 2019 - I hate to say that I had to take a few month hiatus from the Bible project, but am happy to get back into it! Looking forward to setting more Psalms and Ruth this Spring.

Update: January 2019 -It's fascinating how diverse a project this is, both in terms of the myriad inspirations and challenges it creates. I have decided to set the psalms in decades, interspersed with narrative texts. Once psalm 10 is complete, the first book on the list is Ruth, a quasi-oratorio. Stay tuned...

Update: November 2018 - The Bible Project began on Oct 31 with Psalms, which seemed the logical place to draw musical inspiration and also explore the possibilities of setting the diverse texts. Each psalm is for a specific ensemble, and as November rounds out the first 4 are complete!

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New Pricing system on choral works makes them more affordable than ever! Some scores for less than $1 each. Visit the choral home page
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