The River's Rain (V.99)

A cycle of five songs for mezzo and piano on original poetry. Individual 'scenes' are not
titled, but their first lines are listed here.

i. Follow...
ii. i was lying...
iii. the river's rain
iv. Listen to the dance!
v. Daylight sees with different eyes

"Tragic satire for voice and allegorical imagery"
That's how this song cycle is described on the title page. Five songs, following the dreams,
and perhaps hallucinations of a woman from twilight, through night, to dawn.

Part operatic mad scene and part Pierrot Lunaire, The River's Rain is like the intersection
of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

*The River's Rain, due to difficulty and content, is suggested only for advanced vocalists

Read the complete text to scene iii here.

First page of third scene to The River's Rain
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