Fourplay (V.94)

Structurally, Fourplay is in a simple 2-movement form, except that the second movement appears directly in the middle of the equally-lengthed first movement. The first is a rhythmically driven momentum perpetuum, the second an atmospheric interplay of tonal colors where rhythm all but evaporates.

But the most inetersting, and definitely most versatile aspect of Fourplay  is its use of modular orchestration. It is scored for Violin, Bb Clarinet, C Trumpet, and Marimba, but with minimal reworking, other instruments can be used to cover any of the parts, as shown in the instrument lists below:

I: Violin (flute, clarinet, saxophone, etc)
II: Clarinet (flute, oboe, viola, saxophone, etc)
III: Trumpet (violin, clarinet, horn, etc)
IV: Marimba (guitar, vibraphone, etc)

The only rule is that only one of each instrument may be used. Lower instruments may be used as long as the whole quartet plays in the same range. Please specify which parts you will require when ordering.

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First pages to the 2 movements to Fourplay
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