Awakening Soul (V.82)

An eclectic chamber work scored for clarinet, violin, cello, organ, at least 2 percussionists (playing various gongs, cymbals, traps, keyboards, and ethnic drums), soprano soloist and choirs. (men's and women's choruses, and 2 SATB choirs or quartets)

Scored mostly in spatial notation and liberal enough to allow staging and movement of players during performance, Awakening Soul is a multimedia work of great dramatic depth.

Awakening Soul is an expression of the struggle of the artist in a world which seems only to quash his creative and emotional impulses. Most of the instruments are specified by generic type rather than specific kind, and the work itself includes many instances of aleatory music, spacial notation, and group improvisation. As for the choirs, they are also improvised in content and performance.

(For the premiere, I used a men's TTBB, women's SSAA, two SATB quartets, and the soprano soloist, placed antiphonally around the hall. For the finale, they all merged and sang in front of the stage, facing away from the audience, and the acoustic of the hall carried their voices everywhere.)
Purchase includes complete part list and a choral license for any size choir

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