Moscow Symphony #7 1/2 (V.76)

Four movement symphony for chamber orchestra of moderate difficulty. Scored for  2(1)-1(1)-2(1)-0; 3-2-1-0; 2perc, pno, hp, and strings

In four movements:
1. Commuter Ballet
2. Reflections
3. The Seasons
4. The Promise

Inspired by my stay in Moscow in 2004, this chamber symphony uses the full color  palate the ensemble offers to create four completely different scenes. First, a depiction of the horrible traffic on a busy Moscow street, complete with horns, sirens, and quotes from
Russian folk and classical music (no one's found all the references yet). The second movement, a shimmering nocturne, uses a spatial duet between the trumpets. The third movement is a continuous variation on very limited melodic fragments which elides
into the concluding fourth movement, and pensive chorale which brings the often humorous and light hearted symphony to a profound finish.
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