for Vibraphone & Chamber Orchestra

After scenes from the Odyssey

Visions is a work which does not easily fit into any traditional form. On the one hand, the virtuoso solo vibraphone part suggests a concerto, but normal interaction and conflict between soloist and
orchestra is missing, replaced by a cohesion of both parts to a unified whole.

The inspiration for the work, besides the dearth of repertoire for the vibraphone and wonderful sonic opportunities it affords the composer, was to create a suite of character pieces based on the personages of Homer's Odyssey.

 The first movement, Penelope & the Suitors,  introduces Odysseus’ wife’s theme as well as a hint of his own, performed in moments of calm amid the clamor of the suitors. The central 4 movements depict some of the events making up Odysseus’ journey home: Calypso, the seductive nymph; The Lotus-Eaters, amnesiac narcotic users; of course the Sirens, and finally Scylla and Charybdis. In the final movement, Penelope & Telemachus, Odyseeus returns home, vanquishes the suitors, and is reunited with his wife and son.

Visions is scored for vibraphone and chamber orchestra (1(pic)-1(eh)-1(bc)-1, 1-1-1-0, hp, str, 1perc [timpani*, crotales (high), wind chimes, hand drum, sus cymbal, finger cymbals, vibraslap, slapstick, triangle, tam-tam  * uses piccolo timpano (with range to middle C)]

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Pages from the six movements of Visions
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Sirens CLIP

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