Praeludium (V.73)

A massive overture/fanfare for brass ensemble, broken down into two choirs. Complete scoring is as follows, but any part can be doubled and a few could be cut if an ensemble lacks the proper number of the more rare instruments.

Written in Moscow and premiered by a group called Massive Brass, which is only an accurate depiction of the the sonic blast which is this fanfare overture in essence. Cast in a single movement with 5 different sections, for antiphonal choirs, Praeludium has everything from a lyric andante to a fugato fanfare, a quirky scherzo to a solid chorale, a stately opening and a massive tutti finale.

Scored for 2 piccolo trumpets, 9 tpt, 8 hn, 4 trm, 4 euph, bass trm, 4 tuba.

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