Soliloquy: 5 instrumental solos (V.63)
for solo trumpet
, sax, horn, viola, cello

Soliloquy is a set of unrelated short solos for various instruments, of moderate difficulty.

Pensive, a musical setting of an intellectual emotion, is a trumpet solo of moderate to advanced difficulty suitable for advanced high school or college level performers.

Quicksilver is a perpetual motion movement for soprano saxophone, exploiting the idiomatic fluid legato and the singing, biting staccato.

Reminiscence explores the horn's historical dual role as an instrument of noble
lines and jagged fanfares, while utilizing a great deal of the instrument's expansive range.

Twilight is an enigmatic and expressive solo for viola, filled with legato lines and focusing on tone as its central element.

Perpetual Motion, for cello, is a frantic but playable solo focusing on speed and bowing; if played at the proper speed it should take no more than 60 seconds to perform.

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