V.54 Sonata584

Sonata584 (V.54)

In Three Movements:

I. Torrents
II. Reflections
III. Momentum Perpetuum

Three unrelated topics for movements unified by a harmonic and rhythmic language; first, the wind and rain of Torrents, a quasi introduction to the work. The slow middle movement Reflections is cast with periods of group imrpovisation, with the entire structure expanding to be a mirror image of itself. What can be said about the last movement? It's fast, and a fitting close to the work as a whole.

Due to the popularity of Sonata583, I wrote another piece, a year later, appropriately called Sonata584. This time our solo flute is backed by a percussion ensemble, although the entire piece, cast in three movements, is less of a concerto for flute and more a unified chamber work where every performer plays an equal part.

Scored for flute, xylophone, vibraphone, suspended cymbal, slapstick,

marimba, temple blocks, claves, wind chimes, timpani, crotales, castanets, piano

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