Autumn Trees (V.48)

In Autumn 2002, on the campus of Montclair  State University, I took a series a photographs of trees, which became the basis for this orchestral suite. Each movement also focuses on one section of the orchestra; first the whole orchestra annouces the arrival of a new day, with rows upon rows of colorful trees coming out to welcome us. We then find a solitary tree, quietly growing, and another, almost bare, with one branch that seems to be now the day is fading....a cluster of trees embraces our home, and we enter...soon night falls and a terrible storm rages. The evergreen, although retaining its color
amid the bare trees of autumn, is now battered by the winds and is struck by lightening.....
but the next morning, it has srvived. They all have. And we are greeted once again by a huge congregation, a choir of trees, in all colors.....all the themes of the work combine in a ascension-like finale, including the storm theme, which has been conquered and turned into merely the final transition to glory.

A six-movement suite for orchestra, suitable for advanced high school orchestras, collegiate ensembles, and civic symphonies.

1. Welcoming   2. Innocence   3. Yearning
4. Comfort   5. The Evergreen   6. Triumph

Scored for 2+1, 2(1), 2, 2    4, 2, 3, 1     timp, 3 perc, strings

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