Sonata583 (V.45)

Scored for unaccompanied flute, this piece can be performed straight or with added staging.

In early 2003 a flautist friend on mine asked for a piece for unaccompanied flute; Sonata583, a title taken from her email address, was the result. It was first performed in the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory in June 2004, and the New York area premiere was given in spring 2005. As for my friend, she has since changed her email address, most likely in an attempt to escape the large volume of fan mail which undoubtedly filled her mailbox after the premiere.

“[Valentino] overcame the obstacle of writing
for a single line through drama and imagina[tion].”

-Review of Sonata583, in Classical New Jersey Society Journal April 2005

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