V.34 The Tempest

The Tempest (V.34)
Symphonic Band--Grade V

Conceived as a work for Wind Ensemble and tuba solo, written on commission, The Tempest is availble in a version with the solo cross-scored into different instruments within the ensemble to create a tone poem for Wind Ensemble. The solo part is included so it can also be played in the original form as a tuba showpiece.

It thus can be cast as a solo showpiece or a dramatic overture.

When asked to write a piece for wind ensemble with tuba solo, a terrible storm at sea seemed like the obvious program. The piece provides a fairly virtuosic solo for tuba (with another tuba in the ensemble) while telling a tale of a storm, a ship lost, heroes, and the eternal sea. Rapidly shifting harmonies, broad compositional strokes, and interesting special effects characterize this story of man, nature, struggle, loss, and balance.

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