suite for forgotten instruments (V.29)

A large chamber suite for a disasterously unique group of instruments, advanced ability. Scored for piccolo/alto flute, soprano sax, Eb sopranino clarinet, english horn, bass clar, contrabassoon, euphonium, bass trombone, tuba, viola, harp, celesta, and percussion, it is cast in five "scenes":

i. as the snow falls in mid-july
ii. flight of the pigs
iii. rain falls on the Sahara
iv. making this up as you go along
v. Hell frozen over

I know what you're thinking. I did not lose a bet.

Rather I realized that instruments often marginalized, especially in chamber music, could form a coherent, balanced ensemble capable not only of creating novelty effects, but intelligent, moving music. The titles of the movements are formed from colloquial expressions of doubt, with which this project was plagued from the start, and the fourth movement, employing aleatory performance and group improvisation, takes its name from a friend's accusation against me whilst I was explaining to him my idea for this piece. But it
seems to have all worked out alright; it was premiered to a slightly confused but completely enthralled audience in March 2005, and the chamber music world could only benefit from a repeat of that great day.

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suite for forgotten instruments

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