Sonate et Scherzo (V.27)

A large chamber work, performable with or without a conductor. Soloist plays flute, alto flute, and piccolo, against an ensemble consisting of a string quartet, 2 clarinets, and harp. Suitable for collegiate ensembles.

1. Prelude
2. Elegy
3. Sonata Mecanique
4. Finale. Scherzo

A highly dramatic and stylized piece, Sonate et Scherzo provides ceaseless challenges for the flute soloist and ensemble alike. The first two movements take the same form of an ensemble bookended by solo flute cadenzas, and establish to fragmentary themes, or 'germs', which become the melodic material for the entire piece. The third movement uses interesting effects to create its feel of mechanization, and the fourth is a mad dash to a gripping climax. Melodically and harmonically the piece is based on fourths and fifths (the most consonant intervals) and minor seconds and tritones (the most dissonant). The soloist has abundant challenges, including virtuoso passagework, harmonics, microtones, whistletones, key clicks, and more.

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Pages from the four movements of Sonate et Scherzo
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