Liturgies Rhythmiques (V.137)

Liturgies Rhythmiques seeks to fill a growing need of church choirs for new music, rooted in tradition, which is both impressive to perform and facile to learn. To this end, this trio of pieces combines repetitious choir parts with more embellished lines for solo voices, creating from the most limited of musical material complex textures featuring intelligible text with rhythmic vitality. They are not intended to be performed as a set, but rather as stand-alone works for concert or liturgical use.


Angelus (V137-1)


The choir is in 3 parts, the middle written for both a lower female or a higher male part; a mix of both may be used. The most important factor for the choir is maintaining a strong sense of inner pulse, which should be easy give the moderate tempo and the fact that the Ave Maria returns verbatim each time.


Tantum Ergo (V137-2)


In the choir parts, the text syllables should go with their notes; the words are written under the women’s staff merely for clarity. The choir should take care on the modulations.


Laudate Dominum (137-3)


In the choir, crispness in the declamation of the text is key. To maintain a fresh sound, the choral forces may be divided into two semi-choruses.

Strong annunciation of the text is key to create the multilayered texture; syllables should be attacked strongly but sustained lightly, until the rhythms unify at the end.

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Complete Liturgies Rhythmiques (all 3 pieces)
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