Monuments Men

Monuments Men is a chamber opera which dramatically retells the heroic true story of the so-called "Monuments Men", the small division of soldiers in World War II tasked with protecting the cultural treasures of Europe from theft and destruction. The tiny group of dedicated individuals who fought against overwhelming odds is the stuff of legend, and the fact that they used their skill and risked their lives for the sake of art and cultural objects stands as testiment to the value of art to civilzation.

The opera itself is cast for chamber forces but with maximum impact. It lasts around an hour, in one continuous sweep of action divided into a tryptich-like stage which allows multiple storylines to progress simultaneously. The world premiere, in September 2012, was performed with a pit orchestra of 16 and a cast of 19. Monuments Men is also the topic of an upcoming major motion picture.

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PLAY CLIP (Isn't war strange?)

PLAY CLIP (What a strange procession)

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PLAY CLIP (end of part IV excerpt)

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