I Venti (V.127)

I Venti (“The Winds”) is a work for string orchestra, optional soloists, and optional electronics which seeks to depict characteristic elements of five of the Mediterranean winds. The winds that sweep over the Mediterranean Sea are so distinct and varied that, over time, their meteorological characteristics have become almost personifying attributes.

With the possible addition of solo instruments and live electronic manipulation, the color palate is varied and the evocation of the winds even more complete, however the work is intended to be performable with either soloists or electronics and still be as effective.

The five movements are:

I. Tramontana (North Wind) – literally “from beyond the mountains” (in this case the Alps), the North Wind is associated with all things strange, foreign, and savage.

II. Levante (East Wind) – The East Wind is gentle and damp, mostly accompanying fog and clouds. It reaches its intensity in the Strait of Gibraltar, where Europe meets North Africa.

III. Sirocco (SE Wind) – One of the most famous and distinct, Sirocco screams up from the Sahara with dry air and hurricane gales.

IV. Zephyrus (West Wind) – Associated with favorable weather and the sunset, Zephyrus is a gentle, harmonious wind with perhaps inspires meditation on things eternal and temporal. 

V. Mistral (NW Wind) – Its name means ‘Masterly’; this summer wind brings in clear, fresh weather. It is strong, cold, and dry.

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Mvt1 Tramontana

Mvt2 Levante

Mvt3 Sirocco

Mvt4 Zephyrus

Mvt5 Mistral

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