Protean Dances (V.111)

Protean Dances, commissioned by the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra (NJ), is a dance movement for orchestra. It is not a suite but rather one continuous movement in five distinct sections, each developing the material presented in the previous part. The whole work is derived fom the opening gesture, and every melody, harmony, and rhythm grows and changes using a technique called perpetual variance; the result is a unified yet ever changing sound scape which touches on many styles but retains its own musical automony throughout.

In the five sections, the orchestra awakens to the rhythm of the percussion section and tries, at first vainly, to join in the rhythms and dances. Gradually the percussion overtakes the orchestra, and the two once opposing forces become one unifed sound.

Protean Dances if scores for 2+1picc-2+1eh-2+1bc-2    4-3-3-1  timp+3perc, hp, str

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