Dorian Mass (V.108)

The idea behind these three masses (Vv 108, 109, and 110) is to create
complete settings of the Roman Catholic Mass, in latin, for SATB choir, including optional parts for congregation and priest. Each mass also uses specific instruments to augment the choir.

The masses will take their basic harmonic language from old church modes, namely Dorian, Phrygian, and Lydian, but be cast in a contemporary style, retaining an accessability and aesthetic attractiveness for lay audiences. They are intended to be pieces which could be learned by the average church choir, and conceivable given in their entirety during mass. They are also designed with the flexibility to excerpt parts and shorten sections.

They are not concert works but are intended for real church use, and give churches of varying size (and adventurousness) many options for their performance.

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Organ Solos (4)     Kyrie     Gloria     Credo     Sanctus      Pater Noster     Agnus Dei

Pricing Policy for choral scores:
I will mail a hard copy, and email a copy in PDF as a master, for each order.
These copies bear the name of the ensemble on them, and serve as a license for:

Complete Choral Score (36 pages - contains all sung parts)
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SATB Score (28 pages - contains only what the choir sings)
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